facebook to shut down on valentines day.

Campton – facebook is supposedly going to shut down on the 14th of february. This came after Mark and a friend argued about what people do on valentines day.

“He said nobody would log in on valentines day because people would be cuddling and shit”

Those were Marks words when asked why he wanted to shut down the world largest social network. He continued saying he want to prove a point that even on valentines day facebook can still be on demand.

“When you try to log in on the 14th there would only be a poll page where users would only state their reasons for trying to log in. You would be asked if you are logging because you are bored and lonely or if you want to brag about whatever your lover gave to you for valentines”

The facebook insiders told satire news that the motive is to see how many loners and how many love birds are using facebook. “We want to make online virtual lover for Mr and Ms lonely out there”

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